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​​ Killer Beach Umbrellas​​
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My intention is not to promote a particular device or to undermine a device; but to provide perspective.  It is the responsibility of each individual to use beach umbrellas and other devices safely.  If your umbrella injures someone, there may be legal consequences for you beyond the burdensome knowledge that you caused pain and suffering or even death for another person.

Use Safety Devices

If you Google, Bing or Yahoo search for "beach umbrella safety", you will find dozens of devices to help hold a beach umbrella in the sand.  I like searching on Amazon too because you get good descriptions of the products and ratings of the suppliers.
The screw type sand anchor above works up to a point.  The more surface area on the screw blades, the better they hold in the sand.  The Ohuhu shown above has 5 tiers as compared to most others that only have 3 tiers. It can be found on Amazon, eBay and other websites as well as on:
The BeachBub puts a large amount of weight at the base of the umbrella.  I believe this is the best solution available.
Bags provide a similar funtion to BeachBub; they weigh the umbrella down.  The Shade Anchor Bag, Jet Lock Bag and the NoBlo bag are just a few of many available.​​

Buy the Safest Umbrella

* Vented Fabric Top *
* Sturdy Shaft *
* Sturdy Spokes *
* Use a Sand Anchor Weight *
Never leave a beach umbrella unattended!  Put down the canope if you walk away...


If you don't have a safety device.  You need to take the lifeguard's advice.  I still advize that you use a weighted safety device.
Read Sgt. Ed Fisher's letter to the public, "A Lifeguard's Beach Safety Tips" at the link below:
Click on the link to listen to Captain Butch Arbin of the Ocean City, Maryland, Beach Patrol pictured at the link below:

Avoid Legal Consquences

A New York Times article describes the outcome of a case against New York State where the woman was awarded $200,000 because she was injured by a lifeguard's windblown beach umbrella.  See details at this link:

A law firm in Florida describes three incidents where legal action was taken:

Not Good In Sand

There are some devices that show up in searches for sand anchors that don't do well in sand.  Shown in this section are pictures of devices without identifying their manufacturers or retailers.  You can use your common sense when purchasing devices to secure your beach umbrella.  This is just to give you some perspective.
Not enough surface area on the blades of the screw to hold in the sand.
Wire will not hold in sand.
This one has many tiers; but they narrow as they wind toward the point reducing the surface area on the blades.
Almost no screw at all on this one.